Ontotext has released GraphDB 9.5, which strengthens the positioning of GraphDB as the leading corporate RDF database optimized for knowledge graph development and management. With GraphDB, structured data can be easily converted into a unified diagram. You can access data in relational databases as a virtual diagram and convert tabular data into diagrams with clear semantics and compare them. GraphDB also makes it easy to consume data – along with the SPARQL protocol and GraphQL interfaces, data can be accessed through JDBC to suit BI tools and a wide variety of legacy systems.

“Now GraphDB is better than ever for creating business knowledge diagrams that cover a wide range of content, data and knowledge management use cases. With the ability to process diverse semantic metadata on a large scale and in a secure manner , advanced analyzes are unlocked by reducing. ” the cost of integrating, accessing, and interpreting the data. “- – Vassil Momtchev, Product Manager GraphDB & CTO …


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