Tel Aviv, Israel, February 16, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Granulate, a leading provider of solutions to optimize real-time autonomous computing workload and reduce costs, was named the 2020 Cloud Development Innovation winner at the Cloud Awards. After a lengthy review process, the announcement was made at International Cloud Computing Awards Program, The Cloud Awards.

With its AI-controlled solution, Granulate offers an optimization of the computing power in real time, which adapts the prioritization of the computing workload to the special requirements of a company in every industry. With Granulate’s solution, companies can achieve rapid and dramatic performance improvements, including up to 5x increases in throughput, 40% shorter response times, and a 60% reduction in cloud computing costs. Implementing Granules is designed to function in any computing infrastructure or environment and is easy and quick. It doesn’t require code changes or R&D involvement, and results in results in days, if not …


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