Gran Turismo announces partnership with Dior, adding special racing equipment and cars to GT7


A surprising new collaboration was announced at the showdown of the GT World Serieswith the luxury and fashion brand Dior, which is teaming up with Polyphony Digital on an unusual project.

It’s the first-ever virtual fashion project for Dior Couture, with the brand’s menswear artistic director Kim Jones creating exclusive new in-game items.

Of course, this also includes the clothes for your driver avatar. You can pick up a yellow and gray racing suit featuring the quirky Dior pattern and a Christian Dior Atelier Avenue Montaigne logo – in celebration of the 30 Avenue Montaigne address in Paris, where Christian Dior first founded the design house.

Matching gloves and special “Diorizon” shoes, also with the famous diagonal pattern. The number 47 also appears on the clothing, marking the founding and first fashion show of Dior in 1947.

Along with the clothing items is a car that will be available at the Hagerty Collection Legends car dealership next month.

It is a unique version of the De Tomaso Mangusta that also has a special livery. The beige and gray car also bears the number “47” as well as special Dior decals.

These items will be available in-game on Thursday, August 25th, which tends to suggest that a game update is planned for that date – and that should also, in our opinion, bring with it a new circuit that will complete the final lap to align Toyota Gazoo Racing GT Series.

Of course, it’s not the first time that Gran Turismo has partnered with fashion brands with digital items. A specially painted Toyota Supra GT500 is available in the streetwear brand’s colours Anti-social social clubwith a valid purchase of real-world items containing a code that allows players to download them.

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