Grafana Labs has made some big changes to some of its core offerings, its licensing agreements, and most notably its Prometheus support over the last few weeks as it drops support for Cortex and introduces Mimir instead. Grafana services will soon also be available on Azure.

We’ll start by describing what these changes are and how they will impact the millions of users of Grafana’s hugely popular dashboards and tools.

No ElasticSearch cluster

The impact of Grafana no longer supporting Cortex – its Prometheus-based time-series database monitoring tool – also means that support for Cortex, which runs Amazon Managed Prometheus, will end. In Cortex’s place, Mimir has “a number of built-in advantages over Cortex, largely due to our engineering efforts to move to Mimir internally about six months ago,” Tom Wilkie, vice president of product at Grafana Labs, who is also a Prometheus maintainer and a co-creator of Loki and Cortex, said The New…

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