According to 9to5Google, Google Digital wellbeing “Heads Up” is now being introduced. A few weeks ago, Google was preparing to release a new feature called “Heads Up”. With the new feature, you can be notified that you need to look up and be careful about your surroundings. The aim is to keep people safe while walking around.

The new screen attention feature is added to help people glued to their devices. Even when they’re walking around. There are many dangers when we walk around in our daily life. As we walk around in our daily life there are bars, holes and most importantly other people.

As your device detects movement, you will be reminded of these potential dangers. Of course, this is only to protect you. The function does not replace good old human decisions. So remember to use your judgment and use this feature to help you.

Avoid harming yourself with Google’s Heads Up digital wellbeing feature

Once you enable this, you will receive certain notifications from the Digital Wellbeing app. Once enabled, you can expect warnings such as “Be Careful”, “Stay Vigilant”, “Look Ahead”, “Watch Out”, “Stay Focused”, “Watch Your Step” and “Look Up”.

You can check out the screenshots below to see what the setup looks like.

When a user starts the Digital Wellbeing app, heads-up mode must be activated manually. Unfortunately, this is not an automatic thing. But that makes sense. Some users may not want to be notified all the time.

If you want to enable this feature, you’ll need to give the app access to your location and physical activity. In addition, both must be set to Always Allow for it to work properly.

As mentioned earlier, the “Heads Up” mode is completely optional for digital wellbeing. However, it can be a good idea if you are a text walker. Currently, 9to5Google says the option is only enabled Pixel 4a and Pixel 5 devices.

Digital Wellbeing v1.0.364375698 is running on these devices. This version is a beta version. So if you don’t see the option to enable the new feature, this is why. You can join the beta if you really want the new feature.

If you are already registered in the beta and don’t see the option to enable the feature, you have the option to clear the cache. This way, you may be able to see the new feature. To do this, go to Settings> Apps> Digital Wellbeing> Clear Cache and Force Stop. Then open the Digital Wellbeing app again and you should be able to turn on the Heads Up feature.

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