Google’s foldable Pixel phone will have a smaller outer display and a similarly sized inner display as the Galaxy Z Fold4, according to industry insider Ross Young. That Pixel notepadit’s rumored to have a 5.8-inch outer display, which is wider and shorter than the Galaxy Z Fold4’s expected 6.19-inch screen.

Since the two foldable displays are rumored to be similarly sized foldable displays, it means the Pixel Notepad will have a wider aspect ratio than the Fold. This is confirmed by a previous leak.

Young doesn’t share when we can expect Google’s first foldable device, but a reasonable guess is the Pixel 7 launch in the fall. Google’s first foldable device was reportedly expected sometime in 2021 before Google stop doing that.

But now the Pixel Fold, now dubbed Notepad, seems to be back on. It is expected Cost $1,400have a find N-similar body type – wide and short rather than narrow and tall lies the current Galaxy Z Fold3. It will most likely use a Tensor chip, but will revert to older Pixel camera hardware, namely the 12.2MP IMX363 sensor found on the Pixel 2-3, 4 and 5 series, a 12MP IMX386 Ultrawide sensor and two 8MP IMX355 for selfies.

The inner selfie could use a sophisticated hiding mechanism, like the one shown below, from a patent won by Google.

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