Google's Cloud Services Platform is now Anthos, and it works with AWS and Azure


Google today announced that Anthos, a service for hybrid cloud and workload management run on Kubernetes, is now generally available. Anthos will work with Google Cloud Platform of course, but also plays well with multiple other cloud providers, including some of Google’s biggest competitors Amazon’s AWS and Microsoft’s Azure.

Anthos is the new name for the Cloud Services Platform, which Google introduced in beta for hybrid cloud management last year. Anthos Migrate for portability across clouds without the need to modify apps was also introduced today.

“It gives you the flexibility to move on-prem apps to the cloud when you’e ready,” Google CEO Sundar Pichai said today onstage at the Cloud Next developer conference in San Francisco.

The Kubernetes project for containers that can run applications on either cloud-based or on-premise servers was open sourced by Google in 2014 and is now overseen by Linux Foundation’s Cloud Native Computing Foundation.

A number of solutions have been made available in the past year that focus on deploying AI from Kubernetes containers, particularly for organizations interested in portability from on-premise and cloud-based inference such as Intel’s Nauta project for distributed deep learning and Linux Foundation’s Acumos AI platform.

Also announced today: The new Cloud Run for serverless and portable compute , partnerships with some of the leading open-source projects, new regions in Salt Lake City and Seoul, and instances for Nvidia’s Quadro Virtual Workstation powered by T4 GPUs.

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