Cyber ​​hackers use compromised cloud accounts to mine cryptocurrencies. Google warned against it.

Details of the mining hack are contained in a report from Google’s cybersecurity action team, which uncovered and exposed hacking threats against its cloud service – a remote storage system where Google stores customers’ data and files off-site Gives advice on how to approach them.

Other threats identified by the team in its first “Threat Horizon” report include: Russian state hackers attempt to gain user passwords by warning that they have been attacked by state-sponsored attackers; North Korean hackers pose as Samsung recruiters; and the use of strong encryption in ransomware attacks.

“Mining” is the name of the process in which Blockchains like those underlying cryptocurrencies are regulated and verified and require a considerable computing power. Google reported that of 50 recent hacks on its cloud computing service, more than 80% were used to …

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