In addition to wallpapers, Google owners can customize the Pixel experience by adding a large collection of ringtones, notifications and alarm tones. Android 12 Beta 3 introduces a trio of additions to the Sounds app, and these are very likely the new / next Pixel defaults.

Earlier this year, Google rolled out a new tone when the Cast Initiative started on Smart displays and speaker. It’s softer and less disruptive, and reflects Nest’s friendly visual and auditory design language.

A similar upgrade is now available for Pixel smartphones with version 2.8 of the Sounds App included in Android 12 Beta 3. “Bright Morning” is the current “standard alarm tone” and sounds after 12 seconds. It’s still available, but Google added “Fresh Start” to the collection. It shares the same structure and can best be viewed as a softer development. This refinement is also significantly longer at 31 seconds.

Alt: Bring tomorrow

New: new beginning

Meanwhile, “Eureka” appears to be replacing “popcorn” as the “default notification tone”. Like the cast update, Eureka isn’t as spicy and a little less surprising. Both start strong but the newcomer ends more smoothly.

Old: popcorn

New: Eureka

There should also be an updated “phone ringtone” called “Your New Adventure” to replace “The Big Adventure”. Unfortunately it cannot be downloaded, but this is the clearest example of the lineage between the old and new sounds.

Alt: The great adventure

You can discontinue Fresh Start and Eureka today if you are using Android 12 Beta 3. These will very likely be the new standard sounds on future devices. Google is unlikely to change the default settings for existing users. It particularly comes down to what the Pixel setup experience was like also revised today.

The wider rollout of this new Pixel trio (via the updated Google Sounds app) is expected to come with the public launch of Android 12 in the third quarter. However, it is possible that Google will only be rolled out via the Play Store with a monthly security, although no further Android 11 feature drops are planned.

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