Another piece of the open source Kubernetes puzzle is coming together

Google announced this week that it has submitted Istio, his service mesh project, to the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF). Google said it submitted Istio to the CNCF for consideration to become an incubation project, but the conclusion in the announcement is tied to formality rather than hope.

Service meshes like Istio abstract communication between cloud app microservices to a network infrastructure layer. The data plane includes intelligent proxies, or sidecars, that mediate network traffic between microservices. The control plane manages and configures the proxies. Service meshes make cloud networks more resilient, provide security, and improve visibility to optimize network performance.

Istio is not the only service mesh available, or even the first to be pushed to the CNCF, but it is the most popular service mesh it is used with Kubernetesthe open source cloud app…

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