Google fixed the infamous bug that Pixel users came across on their smartphones. This strange bug prevented them from calling 911 when they have a Microsoft Teams app installed on their devices.

Google Pixel Android error

(Photo: Jamie from Unsplash)
Google finally released the January patch for the Pixel bug that affects emergency calls. Read more about this report.

According to Ars Technica, Google released the January security patch for Android this week. It fixes the annoying bug that prevents users from contacting 911 and other emergency numbers.

In early December, the Tech Times received complaints about this pixel bug, suggesting that a user could not dial 911 in an emergency. Via Reddit, the poster wrote that the subsystem for the Pixel 3 crashes immediately when emergency calls are made.

KitchPictures5849 initially reported the case on the social platform to let readers know if they would also attend the same …


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