Google is expanding its security and data protection functions with the Pixel 6. The company demonstrated new security hub and privacy dashboard features that make it easier to control important settings.

The security hub provides an overview of security settings at a glance, e.g. For example, whether you have the latest security updates installed on your phone, or whether you have set a fingerprint or PIN to unlock your device. It is important that it can also keep an eye on the apps you have installed and identify potentially “harmful” apps. There is an indicator at the top of the Security Hub that warns users when there are settings to consider. A green check mark indicates that everything is OK, while a yellow exclamation mark appears when something needs to be fixed.

Google also showed new indicators to make it easier to see when an app is using the phone’s camera or microphone feeds. Similar to the notifications in iOS, an indicator lights up in the upper right corner of the display when the …

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