Google Pixel Watch accessories detailed in new leak



  • Google is expected to have a variety of band options for the Pixel Watch.
  • Some of the bands may be similar to those that come with the Apple Watch.
  • The main band included in the box will be a simple silicone band that Google showed off at I/O 2022.

Google is expected to provide at least seven types of bands with the pixel clock. According to data from 9to5Googlethe first from google smartwatch will have many style options for buyers.

The Pixel Watch itself comes in a single stainless steel case. The default band included in the box is the simple soft silicone band that Google showed off in multiple colors during I/O 2022. The other special tapes are sold separately just like Apple Watch straps.

On the high end, Google is reportedly working on a Milanese-style band for the Pixel Watch. It is said to have a stainless steel mesh with a magnetic closure. There are no images available for the bracelet, but it is said to be very similar to Apple’s Milanese Loop bracelet. Of course, the Pixel Watch will have its own proprietary mechanism for changing bands, as Google demonstrates in the video below.

Google Pixel Watch Band Connect

A link bracelet is also in the works for the Pixel Watch. It will reportedly feature a solid metal design with rectangular links that connect together. Depending on the production process, this belt can also be expensive.

Next are two different types of leather straps, which would also be on the pricey side. They differ in shade, one is darker and the other is lighter.

The more affordable strap options for the Pixel Watch appear to include fabric and stretch straps. The latter will be similar to Apple’s braided solo loop band, this is a one-off. The fabric strap is said to be more conventional with a locking mechanism.

It’s unclear if all of these band options are Made by Google accessories. However, the Pixel Watch’s customer connection may limit third-party strap options.

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