Google teased his Pixel 7 phone series at the Google I/O on May 11, 2022 – an announcement I did not expect, but still exciting. In the hours since then, like every telephone-savvy technology reporter, I’ve rolled over my head to find out more about the upcoming cell phones.

Google even has its official Pixel 7 page live on Google Store (Path, path ahead of the expected October release date). While searching for an image for a story from this source I came across a selection from Google Lens and even Google’s own detection tool isn’t exactly sure if it’s a Pixel 7 or a… Samsung Galaxy S21.

Now, I’m not saying the two devices look similar in any way — heck, the Pixel 7 isn’t even tangibly real — but judging by the in-depth Google I/O 2022 keynote, which talks about AI and machine Learning goes, I couldn’t help but chuckle that Google’s standout new flagship for 2022 could be confused with the main Korean competitor of 2021?

(Image credit: Google/Mike Lowe)

So what is it, Google?

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