Google paused the Pixel 6 update from December, but is only now admitting it


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  • The Google Pixel 6 December 2021 update was rolled out earlier this month. However, few users actually got it. Those who did complained of numerous errors.
  • Today, Google finally admitted that the update was paused due to these issues.
  • Fixes for the issues will be released in the January 2022 patch.

On December 6th 2021, Google made a big announcement about a new pixel feature drop. The drop included numerous features for supported Pixel devices, many of which were geared towards the Google Pixel 6 series. This was the series’s first quarterly decline since landing in October.

However, over the course of this month, many people have complained that they never received the update on their Pixel 6 phones. Worse, those who did see the update complains of numerous bugs and problems. Most egregious are some of the abandoned call related errors. Finally, Google has admitted the December 2021 update for Pixel 6 was paused sometime between December 6th and today’s December 30th.

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In its statement, Google admits that it has already identified a fix. The fix has to be pretty complicated though, as it won’t be rolling out to Google Pixel 6 phones until “late January”.

While it doesn’t admit that much, it’s very clear that Google paused the rollout of the Pixel 6 December update long before today. It’s unfortunate that it wasn’t until December 30 that the company felt the need to make a formal announcement, and there are only a few hours left to the end of the year.

Problems with the December Pixel 6 update? Oh well.

If you were one of the unlucky ones who actually received the update, Google has bad news for you. If you are faced with dropped calls, the only solution right now is to go back to a previous version of Android. This, of course, requires resetting your phone to factory settings. Ouch.

You’ll have to choose between a factory reset or a life of dropped calls for a month.

The only other option is to wait and process the abandoned calls until “late January” when Google releases the solution. That means you can call unreliably for a month. Double ouch.

In all fairness it’s pretty appalling to see how Google does it this way. First, it paused its update very noticeably long before it was announced. It takes its sweet time to roll out a fix (a month, seriously?) And the only other option people have is a factory reset. It’s all very chaotic.

If you’re using the December update for Pixel 6, you have a tough decision to make for the time being. If you go down the factory reset route, you’ll find the instructions and tools you need here.

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