Google One is the company’s all-in-one cloud storage service that combines your Gmail, Google Drive, and Google Photos storage. The VPN feature just got a new feature that users should enjoy. Thanks to XDA developer, we now know that users can select apps to bypass the VPN.

This feature is much more convenient than disabling the Google One VPN

XDA developers discovered this in an APK teardown a few weeks ago. The function is now starting to find its way to some users. This feature makes it easy and straightforward to choose which app you want to bypass the VPN.

You just go to your settings and go to VPN settings. Under the advanced settings you will see the option “Allow apps to bypass VPN”. From there, you will be presented with a list of your installed apps. This basically adds the app to an allowed list

it just doesn’t work on the VPN.

This could ease a lot of headaches for people who need certain apps outside of the VPN. Sometimes apps can have problems …

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