Google One, the company’s storage subscription service, added a VPN (virtual private network) on higher storage tiers last October. The internet giant is now working on adding a new feature to its VPN service – the ability to block internet access if the VPN is disconnected. An APK breakdown of the latest version (v1.92) of the Google One app for Android revealed this upcoming feature.

The people at 9to5Google discovered strings for a setting to block the internet when the VPN is disconnected in the said APK. The feature is currently marked as “Beta” and is not yet live on the App. However, once it goes live, it will ensure that your internet browsing is always routed through the VPN. If your VPN connection goes down, you will lose internet access completely. Of course, your internet access will be restored as soon as VPN reconnects.

In addition, VPN tries to reconnect automatically after the device restarts. To be fair, the app already does that. However, you have to …

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