Google Meet may not be as ubiquitous as Zoom, but for many people, it’s the only way to see and talk to their coworkers face-to-face.

Now, Google has announced that new IP range tools will help users optimize network and firewall access to improve security protection, e.g. B. To ensure that the right people are accessing your call.

Here’s everything you need to know about the new features.

What’s changing with Google Meet?

Google is launching a new range of official fixed IP addresses for non-Google Workspace users.

In technical jargon, this means that users who join Google Meet calls with personal (and non-business) Google accounts, or even join anonymously, are easily identifiable.

In practice, this means that Google Meet and your company’s IT department can find out if the person answering your call anonymously should be there or if they are a scam.

The changes will take effect on March 1st. All old …

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