Google may be working on expanding Android’s Find My Device feature to better match the capabilities of Apple’s Find My network. Perform an API teardown of the latest version of the Play Services, 9to5Google found evidence of an API called Spot. The socket activated the function to get a switch for “Find My Device network”, which is shown in the settings menu of Android.

As most Android users know, Google’s mobile operating system already includes a Find My Device feature that lets your phone use a Wi-Fi or cellular connection to find it if you’ve misplaced it. Apple’s Find My Network increases the stakes with the addition of Bluetooth and Ultra broadband to mix. Lost apple and Third party devices can send out a short-range signal that nearby iOS devices will relay to Apple’s servers to help you locate your lost item.

As it stands, Google plans to build a similar network. If the company pushes the project forward, it is not clear how extensive the resulting platform will be in practice. For example, does it work with devices from all Android and Wear OS manufacturers or only those from Google? How you will interact with the network is also unclear. 9to5Google believes Google will release a companion Spot app, although the website has failed to determine the exact purpose of the software.

As with all APK teardowns, we point out that there is no guarantee that Spot will become something that Google will release to the public. At the same time, it wouldn’t be difficult to see how the company is evolving Find My Device in this way. After all, it did something similar with Android Beam and the later release of it Share nearby. Anyway, we’ve reached out to Google for a comment and will update this article as we hear from the company.

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