Google Maps introduces Vibe Check and Immersive features


This company is trying to compete with reality.

Recent updates introduced by tech giant Google are incorporating more social media-like capabilities into the platform, while also putting it in direct competition with physical existence itself.

At an event in San Jose, California this week titled Search On, the company announced several new tools rolling out on Google Maps, including both the ability to use AI and strangers’ accounts to try , assess the present and predict the future – for example, to find out which attractions are busy at certain times – and another way to explore the world without leaving your bed.

The first of these updates allows users to “get a mood check before visiting a new area” by identifying the most popular places using information collected by AI and more than 20 million posts that users click on around the world into Google Maps every day.

“Suppose you’re on a trip to Paris — you can quickly tell if a neighborhood is bohemian or has an exciting food scene, allowing you to make an informed decision on how to spend your time,” reads a blog post about the new “district”. Vibe feature.”

“To determine the vibe of a neighborhood, we combine AI with local knowledge from Google Maps users, who add more than 20 million posts to the map every day,” Google wrote in its announcement blog.

Discerning users have long been able to pull this information from Google Maps by giving a locale some sort of visual overview, but now there’s a more streamlined way to do it, rolling out on mobile.

The other lively Maps update is the addition of an “immersive view”, a long in the works Supplement that uses predictive modeling to learn a place’s historical trends and based on those “determine what an area will be like tomorrow, next week and even next month,” the blog announced.

“Do you need to eat anything after the game?” We make it easy to experience what restaurants are like nearby, with the ability to slide down to street level, peek inside and know how crowded it will be,” the blog offers as an example.

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