Google has discontinued its effectively “unlimited” group video calling in Meet for free Gmail accounts. according to support pages discovered by 9to5Google. Users with free accounts who sign in to Meet now have group calls that are limited to one hour instead of the previous 24-hour meeting time.

Google’s unlimited group meeting offering was helpful as so many traditionally personal functions went online due to COVID-19. Since you don’t have to worry about a call being dropped or new meeting links created, you can keep your video call on during long family gatherings.

Meeting was Open to non-corporate users in April last year to better compete with Zoom, and back then, Google promised to keep unlimited meetings until 09/30/2020. The company later expanded this window into March 2021, and then again until the end of June. Google continues to allow one-on-one calls to last as long as you need, but in the second summer of the pandemic, longer group calls will now cost extra – like a subscription of currently $ 7.99 per month for Workspace Individual level from Google ($ 9.99 per month after January 2022).

Like Google, Zoom’s one-on-one calls are unlimited and free, but group calls were handled differently. Has zoom regularly extended beyond the 40-minute meeting limit during certain holidays such as Christmas, Hanukkah, and New Years Eve.

Meet, zoom and Microsoft Teams All started as business communication products that were adopted by non-business users in the early days of the pandemic. Now that some of the freebies are gone, it will be interesting to see which services people stick with.

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