At I / O 2021, Google made a huge push to develop apps for all form factors on which Android is available. The company is now massively promoting acceptance with the worldwide introduction of the Play Media Experience Program to get more apps for Wear OS, Android / Google TV, cars and tablets / foldables.

For these platforms to be successful, third-party applications are a critical part of getting end-users up and running. For example, Google TV started with the new Chromecast last year support many apps the latest features of the platform, such as the home screen experience and the watchlist.

The success of this was due in part to the Play Media Experience Program, which – to date – has only been tested with early partners.

Google is now ready to extend the initiative to all media companies worldwide in three areas:


  • Eligible content includes movies, television shows, live sports / news, and other living room-first video programs. Android TV, Google TV, and occupation Requires multi-device playback platforms and login integrations. Users benefit from: “Smart recommendations for easy content discovery, easier login and login, and improved recognition.”


  • The content includes “premium music and audio content via subscription” for Operating system carry, Android Auto, Android TV, and Google Cast, with end users benefiting from: “Content recognition and continuous listening on all devices.”


  • Premium books, audiobooks and comics are eligible with Tablet and foldable optimizations, as well as Entertainment area Integration, required. There is also a Operating system wear and Android Auto Requirement for audiobook apps. The benefits include: “Improved reading and content discovery and renewed engagement across the entertainment space.”

Google (and end users) are getting more media apps for Android / Google TV as well as the Cast platform, Android Auto and automobile, Tablets / foldables and Wear OS. The portable platform is for a great start in the coming months as large screen devices see an increase in usage and interest from manufacturers.

In return for developing apps on all of these Google platforms and integrating them with certain functions / APIs, these media companies are seeing Google’s cut in user purchases drop from 30% to 15%. This is independent of the upcoming change Here, Google is reducing its commission to 15% on the first $ 1 million in sales for everyone – but primarily for the benefit of small / medium-sized Android developers. Apps in the Play Media Experience program must continue to use the Play Store’s in-app billing system.

Developers also benefit from Play Store advertising and discovery, as well as re-engagement. Google also provides technical assistance when needed.

Android developers can express your interest for the Play Media Experience program today, and Google will “get more information when” [they] are eligible. “

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