More people are buying there ChromebooksThere is an increasing need for dongles, docks, and other accessories to pair with new devices. In this sense Google is working with its partners on the introduction of a new category of docking stations for the Works with Chromebook Program that was presented in 2020.

This means that new Google-certified USB-C docks and hubs for Chromebooks will soon be available on store shelves. Targus, Hyper, Acer, Belkin, and are just a few companies that will be making the docking stations.

According to Google, the docking stations are intended for people who use Chromebooks at home or in the office, or who “need a seamless docking experience wherever they are”. All of these hubs have an official “Works with Chromebook” badge on their packaging.

These new Works with Chromebook docks can run automatic firmware updates in addition to automatic Chrome OS software updates. There are also two types of docks – large docks that can work with up to three external displays and smaller docks that can work with just one display. Despite being Works with Chromebook certification, all of these docks work with Windows and macOS devices too.

There are currently a few docking stations announced by Hyper. There’s the $ 240 HyperDrive 14-port USB-C docking station and the $ 80 HyperDrive 5-port USB-C hub for Chromebooks. Also in the works is the HyperDrive USB-C 2.5 Gbit / s Ethernet adapter for $ 50.

All of these products have been “rigorously tested by Google and are certified to work seamlessly with your Chromebook,” according to Hyper’s press release. The product pages for these new hubs are not yet online at the time of writing. Availability is set for August.

Targus is also planning two docking stations. The products are similar: a desktop solution and a travel solution for workspaces that are on the move.

Of course, nothing prevents you from doing so with a normal USB hub with your Chromebook, but having a certified one is nice. Since these new hubs are officially reviewed by Google, using them will ensure that your device will not be damaged.

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