NEW DELHI: Google has introduced a new version of its internet browser – Google Chrome – Pin the beta channel reveals some of the key features the search giant will roll out with the next major update to Chrome, claims a report from the Android Police.

The first feature is called Privacy sandboxwhat Google is suggesting is a “secure environment for personalization that is also protective.” User privacy“The report claims that users can find it in Settings> Privacy & Security> Privacy.”

Next, the Chrome 89 version is said to include changes to the Discover feed on the new tab, but mostly related to design elements. According to the report, Google is to replace the cards on which items are listed with partitions. The font should also be larger and the description on the card has also been removed.

Another feature to be discovered in the upcoming Chrome 89 version is called Site Info Popup. According to the report, this feature allows users to view the full address, site security information, and a list of permissions granted when they click the “Me” or “Block” icon in the address bar.

Finally, the report claims that Google is also working on bringing web sharing to the desktop. This feature allows web apps to send and receive data using Android’s native sharing menu.

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