Google’s main campus. Photo by Michelle Le

Visitors to the Google Tech Campus in Mountain View can walk to the front doors of the Googleplex and enjoy the view of the public courtyard in front of one of the largest companies in the world. But that could change soon.

To reduce security risks at all of the company’s locations, Google plans to renovate its 1995 headquarters – along with a second office building in North Bayshore that is currently under construction – and restrict public access. There are plans to erect fences around the buildings and redirect the public to adjacent paths.

As of today, Google’s Tech Park is remarkably open. The so-called Googleplex consists of four office buildings and a central courtyard with public access for cyclists and pedestrians, while the upcoming Charleston East project offers a path through the center of the building with cafes and retail outlets. The company’s approach is in stark contrast to Apple’s …

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