Google started developing its Fuchsia operating system as an open source operating system for many platforms back in 2016, but for the longest time there has been no news about it.

Well, Fuchsia is now the official operating system for Google’s original Nest Hub, formerly the Google Home Hub. The team behind Fuchsia are replacing the Nest Hub’s limited Cast operating system with Fuchsia, but on the surface, the device should look and act the same as before.

Switching from Cast OS to Fuchsia OS takes several months and starts with the users in the preview program.

Fuchsia OS is designed to power smart devices like Chromebooks, smartphones, and others, and Google has described it as safe, updatable, inclusive and pragmatic Operating system.

Apparently, Google wants to test the operating system thoroughly, hence the one-month rollout on the Nest Hub.

However, this step leaves questions unanswered as to what exactly is the point of Fuchsia OS on the Nest Hub, as it will look identical to Cast OS. And it doesn’t provide a meaningful look into Google’s plans for fuchsia.

Google previously said that Fuchsia is not a replacement for Android, but it will be able to run Android apps natively. The main difference between Fuchsia and Android is that the former is not based on a Linux kernel, but on its own microkernel called Zircon.

We’ll have to wait and see what Google does with Fuchsia.


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