Google recently did announced three new cloud regions; Chile, Germany and Saudi Arabia, which will go live in the upcoming term. In total, Google Cloud currently operates 24 regions and 73 zones in 17 countries.

There is no doubt that providing high performance, low latency cloud services is of great importance, and other players, AWS and Microsft Azure, are also relying on cloud expansion. While Microsoft Azure is way ahead of the competition in terms of total regions count (claims more than 60). AWS offers 24 regions with a total of 77 availability zones. With these new additions, Google Cloud could soon be ahead AWS. I as wellIn 2020, Google launched four new cloud regions – Jakarta, Indonesia, Las Vegas, United States, Salt Lake City, United States, and Seoul, South Korea, and announced more, including Doha, Qatar and Madrid, Spain , Milan (Italy) and Paris (France).

Three years ago, Google Cloud only offered 13 regions. All of these extensions show how much …

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