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Google Meet users with free accounts might not be too excited to learn the one hour limit on group video calls returned. However, with the new Workspace Individual tier, Google is offering a new way to receive longer video calls.

Google announced Workspace Individual in June when it was developing its suite of workspace apps available to all usersregardless of the account type. There wasn’t a lot of details about the new account level, but now users can log in.

Google says Workspace Individual aims to “help individual business owners get more done, appear more professional, and better serve their customers.” As the name suggests, Workspace Individual is designed for a single person, especially anyone with their own one-person company. Features include group meetings longer than 60 minutes, noise cancellation, breakout rooms, shareable bookings with Google Calendar, and more.

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Workspace Individual can be a tempting proposition for anyone who depends on long Google Meet meetings. Since the advent of the COVID-19 pandemic, Google has taken steps to make Google Meet more accessible to users by Abolition of the one-hour limit for free accounts and introducing many new features on the web and best android phones. For that we have a list of Top 10 Google Meet Tips and Tricks You Need to Know.

As the pandemic has subsided in many countries and more employees are returning to the office, Google has reset the deadline for group calls. This means that after 55 minutes, users will be warned that their meeting is about to end. To continue a meeting, the host would need to update their account.

Of course, users can switch at any time Google Duoalthough the popular video chat app isn’t as feature-rich as Google Meet, especially for business purposes.

The new Google Workspace Individual tier is available in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, and Japan. The tier costs $ 9.99 per month, but Google is offering a 20% discount through January 2022, so you’ll only be paying $ 7.99 per month until then.

Sign up for Google Workspace Individual take part in a free 14-day trial now.

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