In 2019, the Google Play Store received a Material topic Redesign, followed by a dark mode. The next major revision is here and sees new navigation as well as revised settings.

After the rollout, a blue overlay will appear to highlight your profile avatar in the top right corner. Your current account will be listed at the top, others will be hidden until you tap Expand. Below that, Google lists your Play Points status with a progress bar.

The My Apps & Games page is unchanged, but Library is new and includes links to Wishlist, Google TV / Movies & Play TV, and Play Books. “Payments & Subscriptions” has been grouped together on one page, followed by “Play Protect”. “Notifications and Offers” and “Play Pass” have been moved down compared to the previous placement of the navigation drawer. However, when you first open the app, you will briefly see a number of warnings in the search bar. Settings and help & feedback complete the list.

Overall, this new navigation reflects how Google’s navigation drawers are phasing out on Android as they are generally incompatible with gesture navigation.

Elsewhere, the Settings menu appeared revised. It’s still a long list technically, but the four main sections are hidden by default. There are no new settings, but everything including “Family” has been centralized here.

  • General: Account, automatic update, settings
  • User controls: Fingerprint, purchase authentication
  • Family: Parental controls, parents guide
  • Over: Play Store, build version, device certification

Some users have done this Play Store redesign in the past few weeks, but Google is now rolling it out on a massive scale. If it doesn’t appear automatically the next time you install it, long-press the home icon to open the app info page and force stop. Then the revision should appear.

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