Google just doesn’t seem to be able to build a decent business outside of advertising marketing. In the supposedly so secure cloud business, the company accumulates at least enormous losses.

For some years now, a number of providers have been promoting the cloud in a variety of areas as the usage model of the future. The cash register rings due to the operation of the services offered, especially when Microsoft and Amazon, but also at various other companies. And it is by no means as if Google fails to successfully deliver its services to the user.

In business terms, the area has so far been virtually a complete failure for the group. It is true that it has attracted a number of customers who had sales of at least $ 13.06 billion in the past year. While others are making fantastic profit margins in the cloud business, Google has amassed an operating loss of $ 5.61 billion here.

Billions in losses for years

This is by no means a slip up. Rather, the losses are …

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