Google has been secretly trying to get the battery health of your Pixel


Source: Daniel Bader / Android Central

Regardless of which one best android phones You own and how big their batteries are, it is important to protect the battery condition of your smartphone. This is exactly what Google wants with a new function it presented quietly on his pixel smartphones to “optimize the battery level”.

Seen from XDA developer.

Under these conditions, telephones from Google Pixel 3 to the Google Pixel 5 is only charged a maximum of 80% in order to protect the battery life. Once the conditions are met, users will see an “Optimizing for Battery Health” notification on their always-on display or battery settings.

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It is similar to the battery care feature of Sony Xperia phones and limits the battery charge time to over 90% by learning usage patterns. The difference is that Sony allows users to turn the feature on or off, and users can even set custom times for the feature to start. Google’s implementation does not offer such options, but there are ways to bypass them.

According to Google, the temporary function is “automatically switched off if the phone no longer meets the conditions listed above”. This means that you can simply unplug your device from the charger or remove it from the Pixel Stand. According to Google, you can also restart your device or “wait about 10 minutes”. After doing either of these options, your device should fully charge again.

It is important to note that the device reactivates battery optimization as soon as the listed conditions are met again. Also note the difference between this function and Adaptive loadingthat aims to keep the battery healthy by using your alarm clock to cap it overnight and then topping up the phone just before you wake up.

According to XDA, the feature may have been introduced to Pixel smartphones in April or May. We contacted Google for more information.

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