Almost a month later, Google finally added privacy labels for the Apple App Store to its Gmail app We published an article and wondered what took so long ((over MacRumors). The app is then the second major Google app to receive the labels You have been added to YouTube when it was updated earlier this month.

How does it look like? Well, that’s up to you to decide. The app appears to share your rough location and user ID with advertisers, as well as information about your interaction with advertisements. However, according to the Privacy Shield, it does not collect your name, physical address or phone number (although Gmail, as an email client, obviously collects your email address). Location data is also used for analytics, and there are some features of the app that request this as well. If you want to see the full label, watch a video below scrolling through.

In contrast, here is the privacy info for another email app, Hey.

The information Hey is requesting fits on one page.
Screenshot: The edge

It’s worth noting that Apple’s app privacy labels are designed to show all of the things that make up the app could Access, not what information this app become Access. For example, an app might only use location data when it needs to show you a map, but the privacy labels don’t make this clear – it’s just a used / unused binary file. In addition, the information on the labels is provided by the company itself and Apple makes no representation as to its accuracy.

Oddly enough, Google added the labels without actually updating the Gmail app it was literally crying out for an update (because of a funny bug). The last time Google updated the iOS app was two months ago.

So far, Google’s other big apps like Maps, Photos, Documents, and Chrome haven’t received the labels yet. However, the fact that both YouTube and Gmail added them shows that Google is starting to roll them out to its bigger apps.

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