Google employee Emma Haruka Iwao calculates record Pi digit


A Google employee gave us a deeper look into the mathematical mystery of Pi (also known to many of us as 3.14).

Using the company’s cloud computing services, Google Cloud developer advocate Emma Haruka Iwao was able to calculate the first 100 trillion digits of the mathematical constant, becoming the first person to know the 100 trillion digit (it’s a zero). Google is now working with Guinness World Records to officially confirm their achievement.

It’s the second time Iwao has set such a milestone — she calculated 31.4 trillion digits in 2019, the record at the time — despite having been interested in the number for most of her life. “Pi has been my personal passion since I was a kid,” she says, recalling using a program called Super PI when she was young to calculate about a million digits of the number.

Pi, the ratio of the circumference of any circle to its diameter, cannot be expressed exactly as a fraction or decimal, so it is possible…

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