Google confirms that it has acquired cybersecurity specialist Siemplify, allegedly for …


Cyber ​​security breaches have a high watermark, so any business serious about building their credibility and business in corporate IT must continue to invest in combating them. To this end, Google is starting the new year by intensifying its activities in the area of ​​cloud-based and corporate security. Today the company confirmed the acquisition of Siemplify, an Israel-based cybersecurity startup that specializes in end-to-end enterprise security services, commonly referred to as Security Orchestration, Automation and Response (SOAR) services.

The acquisition was rumored in previous reports in the Israeli press, and now Google and Siemplify’s CEO and co-founder Amos Stern have confirmed the acquisition, indicating that Siemplify will be integrated with the Google Cloud Platform and, in particular, the Chronicle operations.

Google and Siemplify didn’t respond to our questions about the price, but our sources close to the deal confirmed that it was $ 500 million (a number …


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