The Nest Cam IQ Outdoor is no longer available. Google has confirmed this 9to5Google, to the side noticed that the camera was out of stock in most of the world. However, the company says that “Nest will continue to invest in new innovations,” including a “new line of surveillance cameras for 2021”.

Currently, Google is still selling $ 129 Nest Cam Indoorwho have favourited $ 299 Next Cam IQ Indoorand the $ 199 Nest Cam outdoors. The IQ models have improved video quality and AI-based features like face and pet recognition. Google will continue to support its existing Nest cameras with new features and security updates. However, none of the current hardware is newer than 2017, so an upgrade is likely overdue.

Google hasn’t provided details on what the new Nest Cam line of products will actually contain or when it will be released, but it’s not necessarily surprising that the company is ahead of the announcement. The Pixel 4A 5G and Pixel 5 were uncovered Months before their actual ship date, while Google will send a early picture of the Pixel 4 the year before to prevent inevitable leaks.

Google seems to be working on one too new Nest Hub with Soli radar gesture support, according to a recently filed FCC.

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