Google Cloud Introduces New Software Supply Chain and Zero Trust Security Services…


Google Cloud is holding its annual Security Summit this week, and unsurprisingly, the company used the event to unveil some new security features. This year’s announcements focus on software supply chain security, zero trust, and tools that make it easier for organizations to adopt Google Cloud’s security capabilities.

It’s no surprise that software supply chain security is featured at this year’s event. It’s been the focus of White House summits thanks to recent high-profile attacks, and just last week an industry group that includes Google, Amazon, Ericsson, Intel, Microsoft and VMware pledged $30 million to work with the Linux Foundation and Open Source Pledged Security Foundation to improve the security of open source software.

At today’s summit, Google Cloud announced the launch of its Assured Open Source Software service, giving enterprise and government users access to the same verified open source packages that Google itself uses in its projects….

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