The Google Questions and Answers section, the never-ending section of Quora-like snippets of quick information that has been so popular on several search results pages, is slated to be discontinued by the company after two months.

According to a report From Android Police, Google will shut down the feature that contained answers to questions about the search term by June 30th. The company has updated their support page for the issue, informing users that the feature will no longer be available on that date.

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The feature itself wasn’t very old and appears to have been introduced a few years ago. Typically, when you tap or click on any of the questions and results, the list between the search results is populated with a few more “related questions” and answers underneath. Google also appears to have allowed publishers to respond to questions asked by users.

Some of Google’s questions and answers in search results. (HT Tech)

The report seems to suggest that Google developed the feature primarily for the Indian market but for the company own website does not mention this as a feature specific to India. “In Google search, you can ask and answer questions about your search. Google search posts don’t work in all languages ​​and in all countries / regions, ”says Google documentation have to say about the function.

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However, the questions and answers may not always produce the best results – at least in our experience. Google currently also allows users to ask questions and answer questions on both the website and the Google app on smartphones.

If you’ve contributed to any questions and answers over the past few years, feel free to contact the company Google Takeout to export your search posts before they disappear from the website at the end of June.

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