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Google Chrome’s upcoming save feature is charging your browsing history


Finding websites that you know you’ve saved or seen somewhere in Chrome can be a bit of a hassle, despite the handy history overview accessible from the overflow menu in the top-right corner of the interface. Browsing it just gives you a chronological view of all the websites you’ve ever visited, regardless of whether a page is currently open in a tab or bookmarked. An upcoming feature is set to change that. It’s called Memories and it takes all of these factors into account when using it to search your browsing history.

How TechDows According to reports, Memories is live in the latest version of Chrome 92 in development currently on the Canary Islands channel and it is still a little difficult to access. It is only displayed if you have activated a development flag (under chrome: // flags / # memory), and you need to enter Chromium: // memories in your address bar to access it. Once you’re signed in, you’ll see a page that looks pretty similar to the history overview but is focused on searching. It suggests a few terms that you might search for, showing your most recent tabs, tab groups, and bookmarks, and showing a small selection of your Chrome history. Supposedly, this structure stays in place as you begin your search and may give you more relevant results before delving too deep into your chronological history.

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According to its description, the flag should be available on Mac, Windows, Linux, Chrome OS, and Android. However, when we tested it on Chrome Canary for Android, we only received an error message trying to access it Chromium: // memories. It looks like Memories is currently only available for desktops. That could change before Chrome 92 becomes stable in July, however. It’s unclear whether Memories is supposed to replace the current look of browsing history, but we wouldn’t be surprised if it eventually does.

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