Google Chrome’s latest update for iOS brings improved security, the Discover feed…


As part of a broader update to its Chrome web browser, Google today announced a handful of new features for the latest version of Chrome for iOS. One of the key innovations is that the Chrome app gets access to Google’s enhanced Safe Browsing feature, which proactively warns you about dangerous websites. Other updates include UI changes, the ability to set Google’s password manager as an autofill provider, an updated speech recognition model, and more.

Some of these changes have been available in Android and desktop versions of Chrome for months or even years, but are now making their way to iOS.

For example, Enhanced Safe Browsing, which was available in Android and desktop versions of Chrome, finally comes to iPhones and iPads in this version. This feature can predict and warn users about dangerous websites by sending real-time data to Google Safe Browsing to check for things like malware, phishing, and other threats….

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