The Google Chrome 98 update adds notable new features, such as a new security measure that prevents countless future web attacks, an option to take a screenshot on a desktop with a single click, and more.

(Photo by Andrew Matthews / PA Images via Getty Images)
The Google Chrome 98 update adds a new security feature that could prevent web attacks, an option for desktop screenshots, and more.

Chrome version 98 or 98.4758.34 is currently in beta mode and allows countless browser users to try out the new features.

New security feature from Google Chrome 98

According to the ChromeUnboxed report, most of the additional features in the upcoming version of Google’s web browsers are actually intended for Android users. Chrome desktop users get their money’s worth too, however.

But first of all, let’s talk about the remarkable security feature that Google is adding to its web browser.

According to the news story ArsTechnica, the new …


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