Google released a new version of the company’s Chrome web browser on July 20, 2021. Google Chrome 92 Stable is already available through the web browser’s automatic update system. It should be installed automatically on all supported desktop and mobile systems in the coming days and weeks.

Desktop users can speed up the installation of the upgrade by selecting Menu> Help> About Google Chrome. The current version is displayed on the page that opens; Chrome does a manual check for updates to install each new update it finds automatically.

Chrome 92 is a security update that fixes 35 security issues in web browsers. The highest severity is high, the second highest after critical.

New features and changes in Chrome 92

Google introduced Chrome Actions in November 2020 to quickly perform certain actions from the browser’s address bar. By entering “Clear History”, Chrome users could jump straight to the activity without having to navigate menus first.

Chrome 92 performs …

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