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Google Assistant on cell phones learns to act without saying “Hey Google”


Unlike most of the other developers, unfinished features are always shown in the Google updates. References to a lot of new content in the works. After updating the Google app to Android, a new “Guacamole” menu appears in the list of wizard settings for some users. Once active, certain tasks can be performed without saying “Hey Google”.

Guacamole appears to be Developed around language linksAdded the ability to skip the usual “Hey, Google” hotword for “help with quick tasks” like answering calls and stopping alarms. If it’s live, you’ll need to opt for this feature by reading some terms of use before flipping the switch. Unfortunately, we can’t toggle it on, and the url listed for additional info on guacamole is dead. For now, it’s just a non-functional switch included in the usual list of settings.

This option could be another preview of a new feature planned for a wider release at I / O next monthbut at the moment it’s hard to tell. Guacamole appears for some users in version of the Google app on devices running Android 11. Make sure you are running the latest version from the Play Store link below, or get the latest APK from APK mirror.

9to5Google got more information about guacamole, including support for voice commands for alarms, calls, and timers without saying “Hey Google” first. Devices like Google’s Nest Hub had the same functionality for alarms since 2019.


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