Google, Amazon employees in Seattle protest cloud deal with Israel – GeekWire


Protesters rallied in Seattle last week to express concerns about Google and Amazon’s cloud deal with the Israeli government. (Photo courtesy of local #NoTechForApartheid activists)

Aniran Chandravongsri, a software developer for Google Cloud who works in Seattle, says he’s not interested in developing products for the Israeli government.

However, he said he may have to do so if Google goes ahead with a $1.2 billion Israeli government and military contract known as Project Nimbus, which both Google and Amazon agreed to last year.

Chandravongsri and other Google employees fear the deal will put the Israeli government in the hands of a wealth of sophisticated technology that could be used against the Palestinians in the occupied territories.

“I don’t want to work for a military contractor,” said Chandravongsri, a 30-year-old who helped organize a rally in Seattle against Google and Amazon’s involvement in Project Nimbus.


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