With lockdown restrictions easing in some regions of the world, people are understandably eager to start planning their vacation. Google has announced that it will add COVID-19 related travel advice to Search and Maps to make it easier to navigate the guide information.

When looking for a flight, hotel, or activity in the future, Search will show users information such as: B. whether they need to be quarantined upon arrival or whether they need to provide evidence of test results or vaccination records. According to Google, you can also keep track of travel advisories or restrictions for specific destinations by receiving email updates when the restrictions change.

To help people better plan their next trip, Google redesigned the Explore tab on their travel page.

“The map shows more destinations – including smaller towns and national parks. If you’re planning a particular type of trip, you can filter destinations based on interests like nature, beaches, or skiing.” Google said.

Once you’ve selected a destination, Google will tell you if there’s a travel advice or restriction.

In addition to information about flights and hotels, Google Maps also makes driving easier on the road. When you enter your starting point and your final destination, you can choose different stops such as hotels, parks, campsites and rest stops. Once your itinerary is set, you can send directions to your phone via text, email, or the Google Maps app.

In the past few months, Google has made Search and Maps an important tool to find information about COVID-19. Both services began at the beginning of the year Advertisement of vaccination centers in the USA Previously, Google Maps added a COVID-19 layer to track coronavirus trends by region.

Not all may be ready to travel, but as the restrictions wear off – the CDC has just updated its guidelines – it’s understandable to be excited about the escape. (I look forward to traveling to Santa Barbara, CA.) These latest updates in search and maps ensure you have all the information you need before you decide where to go.

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