“It looks like you’re reading a blog post. Would you like help? ”Microsoft’s famous (or infamous?) Clippy mascot has been hiding for years. Now Clippy could return – but Microsoft is holding it hostage.

If you want Clippy back, head over to Twitter and Like this tweet. If the tweet hits 20,000 likes, Microsoft promises to replace the paperclip emoji in Microsoft 365 with the classic clippy emoji.

Unfortunately (or rather fortunately) Clippy won’t show up and help you write a letter after it comes back. It’s just on the emoji list, waiting for you to insert a paper clip. But after Microsoft hits 20,000 likes on Twitter, you’ll at least include those Law Paper clip.

How about replacing the dog emoji with Rover? Clippy may be loved (or hated), but Rover was an integral part of Microsoft’s best operating system. We are talking about Microsoft Bob and of course not Windows XP.

(But Rover was part of both, if for some reason you prefer Windows XP over Microsoft Bob.)

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