Global IoT Summit Day 2: IPv6-based 5G, IoT and Cloud Computing


One of the big topics at this week’s Global IoT Summit in Dublin was the integration of blockchain technology with IPv6 and other technologies to usher in a new era of transparency, connectivity and communication.

On day two, Latif Ladid, Ralph Wallace, Pascal Thubert and Chongfeng Xie discussed the future of IPv6 and what it will mean for the world. The panel illuminates something IPv6 is why it matters and how it will work symbiotically with Bitcoin to enable true end-to-end transactions.

Introduction of the panellists:

  • Latif Ladid is the founder and President of the IPv6 Forum. He is passionate about IPv6 and has been driving its adoption for over 20 years. He is the moderator of this panel.
  • Ralph Wallace is IPv6 Lead at Verizon Public Sector. He also has extensive experience working with US government departments, including the IRS, and assisting with their IPv6 upgrades.
  • Pascal Thubert is R&D Principal Engineer at CISCO. He works in the boss…

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