At least 11 kiwi schools are affected by a global ransomware attack Targeting software from California-based Kaseya, the Department of Education says.

St. Peter’s in Cambridge is one of them, and the school’s chief operating officer, Rob Campbell, said Stuff Employees discovered on Saturday that network security had been compromised.

“Our IT team responded quickly and disabled our entire network within hours,” said Campbell.

“Overnight they checked the stability of our network and our backups. Our IT systems are inactive during this work.

St. Peter's School in Cambridge is one of 11 schools suspected of being affected by a global cyber attack

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St. Peter’s School in Cambridge is one of 11 schools suspected of being affected by a global cyber attack

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Campbell said all of the data was successfully backed up early Saturday morning prior to the attack.

“St. Peter broke up on Friday for a three-week school vacation break, so this issue will not affect students.”

Department spokeswoman Zoe Griffiths said the government advises any school that believes they may have installed Kaseya VSA software to contact their IT provider and take security measures Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT NZ) advice.

This included shutting down Kaseya servers until the company issued instructions to restart safely.

“We are working with these schools to support them and will continue to see if other schools are affected,” she said.

In a Facebook post, St. Peter said, “St. Peter’s network has been exposed to a global cyber attack.

“The system is now stable and we are working on restoring data. As a result, all school systems are inactive and will remain so for at least the next 48 hours. “

Kaseya software is used by approximately 40,000 companies worldwide and the incident is a growing concern.

The company reported that some customers using its VSA remote management tool had their devices compromised by REvil ransomware.

On Sunday, Kiwi busEats were asked not to use any tools.

Kaseya software is used to provide patches and updates that keep the software secure.

Cert NZ said it was used to deliver ransomware instead.

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