GitHub’s MFA plans should spur the rest of the industry to raise the bar


GitHub recently made security news by announcing plans to implement standard multi-factor authentication (MFA) in its repositories. The company deserves credit for realizing its appeal within the software ecosystem and acting accordingly, but it shouldn’t be alone. As industry leaders, we should build on what individual platforms like GitHub are doing in two ways: require our own ecosystems to require vendors to raise the bar on their security practices, and create more interoperable architectures and blueprints to make better security measures more accessible to organizations rely on our critical platforms.

Our connected tech stack

Enterprises today rely on an entire ecosystem to power their tech stacks. They rely on cloud services including Azure, AWS and Google Cloud for their infrastructure. They rely on companies like Okta for their identity solutions, and they rely on a whole range of technologies to help them build or sell products faster,…

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