The VMware Tanzu solution suite, which supports cloud, hybrid cloud and container applications, expands its portfolio with Tanzu Observability to include observability. VMware is expanding its support for the cloud and Kubernetes. Renamed from the Wavefront product acquired in March 2020, this platform is designed to help build, maintain, and scale cloud-native applications.

Tanzu Observability provides full-stack observability using operational telemetry such as metrics, traces, histograms, span logs and events across distributed applications, application services, container services and the company’s multi-cloud based on public, private and hybrid cloud infrastructures are aggregated.

The offer has been available for more than seven years, making it one of the longest running and most mature offers. Tanzu Observability integrates effectively with many AWS offerings, including AWS CloudWatch and AWS CloudTrail, as well as with Google Cloud (GCP …


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