A five-year subscription to AdGuard VPN is on offer.

TL; DR: A five year subscription to AdGuard VPN is on sale from June 29th for £ 28.77 saving 88% off list price.

Buying a VPN can be tricky, but it helps when 25 million users already love and review the platform you’re considering – as with like AdGuard VPN.

VPN protection for your computer prevents your private data from falling into the wrong hands. Plus, you can really surf incognito.

AdGuard VPN uses an advanced encryption algorithm and gives you the option to choose DNS servers that will block ads and trackers. It also has a zero-logging policy so your information is really private. Perhaps the best thing about this five year subscription service is that you can use it on up to five devices in your home at the same time. You can protect the whole family or just each of your own devices with a single license.

You probably won’t have a delayed connection either. AdGuard VPN …

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